When is SantaCon?

Louisville's SantaCon happens on December 13, 2014, from 1pm until Midnight. Santa Roll-Call at 1pm! Santa paints the town red then cranks it up at the best party in the land, The North Pole Extravaganza at PLAY at 8pm Sharp! All-day Santa shenanigans and romping reindeer games!


Where is SantaCon?

SantaCon is where Santa says to go! Santa announces the starting point on SantaCon Eve. And this year he has some VERY NICE (and NAUGHTY!) surprises planned every step of the way. Join the event on Facebook, follow Santa on Twitter @SantaConLVL. Then suit up, boot up and get your Santa on!


What is SantaCon?

Santacon is a charitable, non-commercial, non-political, nonsensical Santa Claus convention that happens once a year for absolutely no reason. It mixes elements of a flash mob with cheerful bawdy and harmless behavior, naughty Christmas carols, and the giving of nice (and naughty) gifts.


The SantaCon App

Santa has got a Brand New Toy! The New and Improved SantaCon Field Book & Flight Plan has everything Santa needs: The SantaCon Field Book, Santa's Naughty Songbook, The Worldwide SantaCon Locator, DJ Blitzen's SantaJams Radio, and a ton of Goodies.

And if you are a Head Santa organizing a SantaCon in your city, sign into the Head Santa's Mission Control and set your SantaCon Flight Plan. Activate the In-App Santa Locator, and set the GPS, and Santa is on the map! Post messages to your map pin, send tweets from the app, and manage the event, all in the palm of your hand.
(App release set for Dec 8.)

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